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AmplyCell is based in the Liege Science Park, Belgium, a highly stimulating Biotech environment. The company has been developing the AMPLY™ Technology for cell line stimulation since 2009 while the company has been officialy founded in April 2014.
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Bioprocess Solutions Provider, Service Provider - CMO / CRO
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Biomanufacturing, Biotechnology sector, Drug Discovery / Research & Development, Rare Diseases, Vaccines
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AmplyCell offers the AMPLY™ Technology as a service that increases in a permanent way cell line productivity and stability, allowing cost-effective and efficient GMP manufacturing of recombinant protein, difficult-to-express New Biological Entities and Biosimilars drugs. AMPLY™ Technology is a service solution that consists in physical stimulation treatments that improve cell line metabolism for Biologics manufacturing in cell line such as Chinese Hamster Ovary (AMPLY™CHO cells), Human Embryonic Kidney (AMPLY™ HEK293 cells), hybridomas, yeast, ... AMPLY™ Technology comes either as a unique solution or in synergy with cell culture media optimization, searching for cell culture parameters, and the use of gene-altering elements.
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All traceability aspects in place including procedures and records. Currently setting ISO9001
Region of Wallonia, BE
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Geoffrey Holsbeek
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Avenue Hippocrate 5
4000 Liège
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Interface Entreprises-ULiège
Phone number
+32 4 349 85 36
Avenue Pré Aily 4
4031 Angleur
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