SME Opportunities

Expand your network and business abroad

Accessing a new market or finding a partner abroad can help your business grow. For SMEs operating in one of the eligible life sciences sub-sectors: biotechnology, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, e-health, e-mental health and nutrition for human and animal health Boost4Health offers the opportunity and support to explore the knowledge, facilities and markets North-West Europe has to offer. Boost4Health partners can guide you to find:

  • Service providers specialized in life sciences
  • Testing facilities
  • Validation sites
  • Experts in country specific rules and regulations
  • And more

Financial support

A Boost4Health voucher can be the incentive you need to find and access international opportunities. All you have to do is complete a simple online form to apply for a voucher. 

Connection vouchers (up to 500,-) This voucher boosts the creation of international collaborations within North-West Europe. With a connection voucher you can cover:

  • Travel costs to visit an international event
  • Fee for an international online event
  • Travel costs to visit a service supplier abroad
  • Costs related digital matchmaking services/apps

Contact your Boost4Health partner for more information about eligible costs. The contact voucher needs to be approved in advance and will be reimbursed to the SME after submitting proof of costs.

Support vouchers (up to € 1.500,-)

If a service provider in the Boost4Health database matches your needs, you can apply for this voucher to explore the potential for an international collaboration.

The collaboration can be about market insight, product development, research, as long as the intention is to bring your life sciences innovation to market.

Contact your Boost4Health partner for more information about possible collaborations and eligible costs. The support voucher needs to be approved in advance and will be reimbursed to the service provider hired by the SME after invoicing.

Our service provider database is available for everyone. Innovative life science SMEs in the partner regions can benefit from the support Boost4Health has to offer. Complete the expression of interest form to join Boost4Health!

Benefit from other Interreg projects

There are other Interreg NWE projects that could help your business grow. Boost4Heatlh works in close collaboration with Codex4SMEs, MATMED and other projects. Ask you Boost4Health partner about other opportunities to accelerate your business.

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