The added value of personal contacts between the Boots4Health regions


The added value of personal contacts between the Boots4Health regions

Where can SMEs that operate in a very specific field get reliable insight in new markets abroad? Via google you can learn and obtain a lot of information, but the effective way to get specific market insights is to get the information from someone who knows the region you are targeting and has personal contacts and references.


Bart van de Krol from Alligator plastics shares his experience: “Via Boost4Health we got in touch with specialists, like BG Healthcare and Copenhagen Lifesciences Advisors. They provided useful information about, for us, new markets.


BG Healthcare Consultancy gave a much better insight in the microfluidic market of UK/Ireland and Germany. We received an overview of potential targets, contacts and important upcoming shows and conferences. BG Healthcare Consultancy understood their assignment and were available to have a telcon to verify our needs. Their report is clear and well described, including names and contact details.


Copenhagen Lifesciences Advisors delivered market insights and a list of potential customers in the field of micro fluidic devices in Scandinavia. Further they have also recommended specific tradeshows and provided contact details of experts in this industry.

With specialists like Copenhagen Lifesciences Advisors and BG Healthcare Consultancy we are well prepared to conquer new microfluidic / medical territories.”