Become a service provider

The Boost4Health online service provider database encourages international business collaborations and partnerships. Our database helps SMEs who wish to develop internationally to find service providers who can support them with taking life sciences and medical products to market in another country. If you are a company that can provide a service to support our SME’s please fill in the form to become a service provider.

Benefits of becoming a Boost4Health service provider:

  • Pitch your service offer to an international target group of potential new clients in North West Europe in the field of life sciences innovations
  • Only service providers in the Boost4Health database can be selected by SMEs if they want to benefit from a voucher
  • Opportunity to build relations with growing businesses
  • Start collaborations with potential for European grants

Innovative life sciences SMEs in the Boost4Health partner regions are looking for service providers that can increase the Technology Readiness Level of health innovations or get to a next internationalisation step, like:

  • Consultants
  • Specialists
  • Research centers
  • Validation sites
  • Prototyping companies
  • and other service providers

How to become a Boost4Healt service provider:

  • You need to be located in North-West Europe or Spain
  • Apply with the online “become a service provider” form
  • A Boost4Health partner will review your application and once it’s approved it will be published in the online database

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